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you probably already know who I am, but in case you don't...


I'm cassie. for the past five years, I lived in new york city, working as the manager of a nonprofit dance company. my boyfriend sam and I took our vacations to the outdoors, always planning hiking & camping trips instead of beach side all inclusives. we spent covid quarantined in a 6x6 room where we dreamed of traveling, quitting our jobs and leaving the city. we began the planning, if only as a way to dream. to escape. to imagine what life could be. until the talks became more serious, the search for a vehicle began, and decisions were being made. we're currently living out of our truck camper, traveling the western half of the united states. this site is my archive of that time, a bit of the before, a lot of the during, and when it's over, if it's ever really "over," the after... 


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