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saguaro national park



I’m amazed by the saguaros. I’d first imagined they only remained in the National Park, but much to our surprise, found are rooted in abundance across the desert in this area. They’re flowering when we arrive, small green bulbs like brussel sprouts blooming with silky white petals, some already plucked by birds. It’s astonishing timing by chance. We sleep beneath them in my favorite camp spot of the trip thus far, in a desert field of various sized plants all begging for our attention, curving their arms to offer a better view of their flowers. We explore the Desert Museum, confirming and reiterating all the species we’ve identified with our Audubon Field Guide for the Southwestern States. The inner nerd in us shines brightly. Before leaving Tucson, we stop in front of the home Sam was born in, his first time back since those early moments of his life.

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