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big bend national park


april 16-18, 2023



In Big Bend National Park, our first itinerary stop, the truck gets her first feel off highway! I look at Sam, the thrill on his face to feel the rocks under our tires, desert bushes flying past us as we climb the sloping hills beneath the mountains. There’s a constant buzzing in the air surrounding us, the collective sound of bees and flies that can only be heard when the rest of the earth is quiet and still.

We hike 30 miles that first weekend. Hike in, camp, hike out, restock. Hike in, camp, hike out… We experience thunder and lightning at 7,000 feet, enjoying our first freeze dried camp meal sheltered from the rainstorm. It’s information overload as I try to take in every sight, smell, sound, feeling, the entire breadth of the experience so I can take it all with me.

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